Hospital Shop

The Friends Hospital Shop first opened in 1974. Our first premises consisted of a prefabricated building located in a courtyard between the main wards and the operating theatres. Later on when they began building Phase 1 of the new hospital the shop was moved into two portacabins close to the bus stop, this had the effect of increasing our income as staff were passing the door on the way to work.

Once Phase 2 of the new hospital was finished the shop was moved into the hospital building on level 0 opposite the present blood test unit. Again our income increased as the staff and patients could nip down during the day, Two years later it was decided to move the shop to its present prime position and once again our profits rose.

We would like to take this opportunity to record our thanks to Geoff Thompson, our manager, for his unstinting service and enthusiasm over the years. Supported by staff and a band of dedicated volunteers the shop continues to thrive and goes from strength to strength.